The patch 5.1.0-beta2 is online

The patch 5.1.0-beta2 is available. It includes:

  • a bug correction in the simultaneous reduction of matrices used in the mmg2d gradation;
  • the hmin/hmax truncature for anisotropic adaptation with mmg2d;
  • a bug correction in the mesh saving for mmg2d (the number of edges was false);
  • add forgotten unscaling when the mmg2d library fails;
  • a bug correction in the metric definition at ridges (anisotropic adaptation with mmg3d);
  • size truncature at hmin/hmax for the internal points an the regular surface points for anisotropic adaptation with mmg3d;
  • missing getters for the mmg2d API;
  • a bug correction in the precision of computation in eigenv file (all softwares).

It changes:

  • the MMG2D_loadSol interface (remove a useless argument).

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