Mmg open source Consortium

Our vision

The Mmg open source consortium aims to support our long term developments and to ensure the sustainability and the intellectual property of the Mmg platform.

Because Mmg is a non-competitive and multidisciplinary tool involved in lot of collaborations and because we want to provide both an industrial tool and a research framework, the open-source consortium is mutually beneficial.

The Mmg consortium is funded by the consortium members and administred by Inria.


We warmly thanks our first members for their support:

CoriaIRT SystemXTotal

Private section for the consortium members


The consortium functioning

The Mmg open source consortium is managed by 4 councils in which the consortium members takes part:


Governance structure organizational chart of the Mmg open source consortium

You can support us and became a member of the Mmg open source consortium! The member benefits and levels of financial contribution are detailed here.

You can discover the platform and our open-source consortium project here (please, be patient, it may take a while).

Please, contact us to get more informations about the Mmg open source consortium.

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