The release 5.7.0 of Mmg is out

It contains:

  •  modifications of the Mmg install tree and CMake build (a clean build and install will be needed). Be careful, the USE_<DEPS> CMake variables behaves differently than in previous Mmg versions.
  • the possibility to build Mmg using 64 bit integers to handle larger meshes
  • the new -lssurf option to split mesh boundaries along an isovalue while preserving only 1 volume domain
  • the new -isoref option to choose the reference of the inserted iso-surface in level-set discretization mode
  • the possibility to remove parts of the implicit domain that are not connected to boundary conditions listed input parameter file
  • the possibility to provide non-bijective multi-material maps in level-set discretization mode (at your own risks)
  • the preservation of input ridges in level-set discretization mode
  • the new -xreg option to smooth position of boundary vertices
  • improvement of the gradation process in Mmg3d (-hgrad option)
  • support of shared library compilation on windows.

We warmly thank all the people who contributed to this release.


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