The 5.2.0 release is out!

The Mmg release 5.2.0 is out.

It adds:

  • input and output files at gmsh format;
  • the reading of normals at boundary vertices for mmg3d and mmgs;
  • the isovalue discretization for the mmgs software and library (MMGS_mmgsls API function);
  • the -default option that creates a file containing the default parameters of Mmg. By modifying this file, you can impose local parameters (hmin, hmax, hausd) over different boundaries;
  • the -octree option replace the -bucket one but it is not mandatory anymore to precise the octree size;
  • a true fortran API and C++ API;
  • new API functions to set/get the mesh entities (vertices, elements, boundaries) by arrays;
  • FindMmg*.cmake files to help users to find the Mmg libraries using CMake.

It modifies the mmg3d library API:

  • the MMG3D_Set_meshSize and MMG3D_Get_meshSize functions takes two additional arguments to be able to read prisms and quadrangles.

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