The -v option allows to modify the applications verbosity.

  • -v 0 is the lower verbosity. The libraries don’t print anything and the applications just print minimal information (release, copyright, building date, input and output filenames);
  • -v 1 is the default verbosity. It adds the input and output mesh qualities (minimal, maximal and mean element quality + index of the lowest quality element), a summary of the remeshing waves and informations about the output mesh (number of each entity);
  • -v 2 adds informations about the edge lengths (smallest, average and largest edge length + indices of extremities of the smallest and largest edges);
  • -v 3 adds statistic informations about the edge length;
  • -v 4 adds histograms for mesh quality and edge lengths and few analysis informations;
  • -v 5 adds more detailed remeshing waves and more analysis informations;
  • -v 6 print every wave of remeshing.

See the Mmg histograms description for more info on the Mmg outputs

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