-hmin / -hmax

The -hmin and -hmax options allows to truncate the edge sizes to be (respectively) greater than the hmin parameter and lower than the hmax one.

The default values for this parameters are computed from the mesh bounding box or, if provided, from the given metric:

  • without metric, the minimal edge size is set to 0.01 of the bounding box size. The maximal edge size is set to two times the bounding box size.
  • with metric, the minimal edge size is set to 0.1 of the smallest prescribed size. The maximal one is set to 10 times the maximal prescribed size.

Note that, as the Hausdorff parameter, you can impose locally the hmin and hmax parameters using a parameter file.

Example(s): mmg2d_adp1, mmgs_bdy1, mmg3d_ls1.

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