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About the developer team and the institutions that support us

Mmg‘s current developers and maintainers are:

Charles Dapogny

Junior CNRS researcher, affiliated with the Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann (Université Grenoble Alpes) since 2015
My research activity is mainly concerned with various theoretical and practical aspects of shape and topology optimization. The numerical treatment of such problems raises various algorithmic needs related to, notably, the level set method, and meshing, and which inspired several original developments in the mmg framework.  

Cécile Dobrzynski

Assistant professor, Bordeaux INP, affiliated with the Cardamom Inria team (Inria Bordeaux – Sud-Ouest) since 2006
Her research activity focuses on curved mesh generation and mesh adaptation (parallel mesh adaptation, anisotropic mesh adaptation, mesh adaptation with constant connectivity). Being well aware of the necessity of stable and sustainable softwares in research, she initiated the creation of the Mmg open source foundation. She was also, by her optimism, her enthusiasm and her tenacity, a cornerstone of the development of the Mmg platform.

Pascal Frey

Professor of mathematics, Sorbonne Université, since 2003
Founding director of the ISCD, Sorbonne Université, since 2010
My research activity encompasses the design and the analysis of mathematical methods involved in numerical simulations. Computational fluid mechanics and structural mechanics as well as biomedical engineering are the main areas of application of these methods. Since the last two decades, I have been dealing with mesh generation and adaptation, the analysis of error estimates, the formalization of level-set techniques for interface tracking-capturing purposes and with topological and geometrical shape optimization, as well as surface reconstruction from sampled data.

Algiane Froehly

Engineer, Inria, since 2019
I work both on the management of the Mmg open source consortium and on the development of the Mmg platform development, notably as regards its stabilization and long-term sustainability.


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