Mid-term roadmap

We use the New features discussions section of the Mmg forum to gather the users opinons on tricky new developments. Do not hesitate to participate and help use to improve Mmg!

Short-term roadmap

  • Adaptation along non-manifold edges in Mmgs;
  • Preservation of input references in isovalue discretization mode (-ls) in Mmg3d;

Mid-term roadmap

New developments
  • Enrichment of API functions:
    • new function to get the quality or the skewness of a given element;
    • functions to recover the list of the element interfaces in Mmg3D (for example for DG-like methods);
  • improvement of the anisotropic gradation;
  • improvement of the strategy of mesh adaptation for anisotropic meshes;
  • preservation of orphans points (points non connected to the mesh) if specified as required;
Background tasks
  • Parallel mesh adaptation library:
    • robustification;
    • surface adaptation;
    • isovalue discretization;
    • scalability improvement.

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