We are proud to announce the 5.3.0 release of Mmg!

This release improves:

  • the plateform tree (the bin, lib and include directories are now created inside the build directory (and not in the ../build directory)): Do not forget to clean your Mmg folder!!!
  • the mmg3d algorithm for mesh adaptation (better convergency and edge lengths closest to 1)
  • the software behaviour in case of failure (warnings/error messages are printed only 1 time and there is no more exits in the code)
  • the mmg2d software that now uses the same structure than mmgs and mmg3d

It adds:

  • the -hsiz option for mmg2d/s/3d (that allows to generate a uniform mesh of size )
  • the -nosurf option for mmg2d (that allows to not modify the mesh boundaries)
  • the -opnbdy option for mmg3d (that allow to preserve an open boundary inside a volume mesh)
  • the possibility to provide meshes containing prisms to mmg3d (the prisms entities are preserved while the tetra ones are modified)

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